Tree & Shrub Care

tree & shrub care

Believe it or not, tree and shrub care is a year-round priority, even here in New England. From the damaging wind and snow in the winter to the searing sun and drenching rain in the summer, your trees and shrubs must be protected to ensure their survival.

Here are the top three reasons to protect your shrubs in the winter:

  1. 1- Cold temperatures can severely damage plants
  2. 2- Winter winds cause plants to lose water and can cause desiccation
  3. 3- Evergreens can become discolored during the winter if not protected

Protecting your trees and shrubs is an investment in maintaining the health and vitality of your property. It can also save you money, by removing the need to replace mature shrubs and trees that have been damaged by harsh winters, disease, drought, or the searing sun.

Here are four service options that our turf team performs to protect your shrubs at various times throughout the year.

  1. 1- Dormant oil sprays
  2. 2- Deep root fertilizer
  3. 3- Insecticide and fungicide sprays
  4. 4- Winter desiccation spray



There’s nothing more frustrating than battling weeds in your lawn and mulch beds. You spend too much time and effort maintaining your yard to have its appearance ruined by unwanted weeds.

The Burgess Turf Team fights weeds before they even emerge with a two-part plan.

  1. 1- Pre-emergent crabgrass control is built into step-1 of the custom fertilizer program
  2. 2- We inspect and spot spray for broadleaf weeds during each visit



Timing is everything for grub control. In the fall, as the soil temperature drops, grubs burrow down about 4-8 inches underground and fatten up to prepare for the long, cold winter ahead. In the spring, grubs tend to feed less as the ground thaws and they begin to emerge.

This means treating in the fall is critical, as we attack grubs while they’re hungry, while saving your lawn from damage in the spring. Here are two ways we integrate grub control into your custom turf program.

  1. 1- White Grub control is built into step-3 of the fertilizer program. It targets white grubs such as the Japanese beetle larva.
  2. 2- Overseeding strategy. By creating a tougher, thicker lawn, grubs are discouraged from burrowing down and causing damage. But the key is not to overseed if you’re using a pre-emergent herbicide product. Don’t worry – we figure this part out!