The path to the perfect lawn is what you feed it! In order to maintain a full season of healthy, lush green growth, your turf requires certain nutrients that aren’t available in soil that’s left untreated.

But knowing what to feed your lawn – and when to do it – can be tricky. That’s where our experts come in. Since no two lawns are the same, our turf manager creates a custom fertilization program that addresses your main concerns and the needs of your lawn. By diagnosing any soil deficiencies and diseases that may be damaging the appearance of your lawn, we know which fertilizers to apply, the rate at which to disperse it, and how often to spread it on your lawn.

Here’s a quick look at the top 5 factors we consider when fertilizing your lawn:

  1. 1- Measuring the total treatable square footage
  2. 2- Discovering what type of grass species is present
  3. 3- Inspecting for any existing weed and insect problems
  4. 4- Performing a soil test to determine a proper fertilization program
  5. 5- At each visit apply the appropriate amount of fertilizer at the correct rate


The 5-step custom fertilizer program

After our initial consultation and yard measurements, our turf manager designs a custom, 5-step fertilization plan. Although the particulars of each plan may vary, here’s a look at one common program we’ve designed for lush, green growth.

Step 1: Fertilizer with limited slow release nitrogen to promote quick green-up. This fertilizer also includes a pre-emergent crabgrass product called Dimension.

Step 2: This fertilizer has an increase in slow release nitrogen, which prepares your turf to kick up its growth into high gear.

Step 3: A critical step to protect against grubs, this fertilizer includes a product called Merit, which is proven to attack grubs before they destroy your lawn.

Step 4: A slightly lower amount of slow release nitrogen preps your lawn for colder temperatures and a slowdown in growth rates.

Step 5: This steps contains another low level of slow release nitrogen. It’s enough to keep grass healthy going into the winter, but not harsh enough to damage your lawn.





Burgess Turf is a company that “Goes Green” because we care about three things: your lawn, your safety, and our environment. We use environmentally-friendly products that are safe for your kids and pets. Our motto is Protecting Your Pad because we take safety seriously and place the highest priority, not only on the health of your lawn, but on the wellness of your whole family.

We maintain a balanced approach to keeping your lawn green. By using environmentally friendly products, we avoid harsh chemicals and the risks they could pose to your kids and pets. We give your lawn only what it needs to stay looking green and beautiful for the whole season. This holistic approach helps us to keep costs low by not over-treating your turf with unnecessary products.



As we all know, weather in New England is about as unpredictable as the Red Sox; you usually don’t know what you’re going to get until the season is underway.

That’s why we start feeding your lawn early in the season – so it can be prepared to withstand the unpredictability of the weather, including temperature fluctuations, drought, and even frost.

EARLY SPRING – This is the time to strengthen the root system for your lawn. Before the growing season is underway, a healthy root system can prepare your lawn to grow naturally and limit crabgrass and other issues that may arise later in the season.

LATE SPRING – This is a critical time to promote a whole season of healthy growing. It’s also a time where major mistakes are made in how to feed your lawn and address any emerging diseases or deficiencies. Here’s the bottom line. You lawn is hungry. Now is the time to feed it properly.

SUMMER – This is, not only prime time for your grass to grow, but it’s the time you want to enjoy being outside and ideally showing off a healthy lawn. But with a scorching sun, lawns need enough nutrients to withstand these damaging conditions, along with the correct amount of water. Our experts design a custom nutrition program to ensure a long-lasting growth season.

FALL - The conditions in fall generally support a healthy lawn if there are enough nutrients to feed it. Applying the proper fertilizer at this time of year is critical to enhancing your lawn and preparing it for the long winter ahead.




Making a decision to go organic on your lawn is more than simply choosing to stay chemical free. It’s an investment in promoting a healthy and chemical free environment around your home.

While the monetary investment in an organic lawn may be higher than traditional products, the return on your dollar is quite high. Here are just some of the advantages of going organic when it comes to nourishing your lawn.

  1. 1- Long-term cost may be reduced due to diminished reliance on chemical fertilizer
  2. 2- Lawn will be more capable of naturally fighting off weeds and disease without the use of chemical products
  3. 3- Peace of mind knowing that your family and pets are playing on a chemical-free lawn
  4. 4- Soil microorganisms break down organic fertilizer nutrients slowly into forms that growing grass can easily absorb