Lawn Care

Lawn care

Burgess Turf takes the pressure of creating the perfect lawn off your shoulders – and puts it on ours! From putting greens to the perfect lawn, we Protect Your Pad by creating the results and the value you deserve.

Watch our passion grow – one blade of grass at a time.

Protecting Your Pad Since 1929 is a slogan we use to describe all the lines of service we offer in keeping your property safe, green, and pest free.

For your lawn, we apply the same quality, technology, innovation, and care you’ve become accustom to as a pest management client. The former turf manager of a popular golf course leads the charge with his three point plan for your lawn: inspect, detect, correct.
Burgess Turf: one company – one solution for all your needs.

Ever wondered what it takes to get your lawn looking like a golf course? One of the most trusted turf managers from a popular golf course is now leading Burgess Turf. He personally inspects and tests your lawn, then develops a plan to make it a showstopper in your neighborhood. Our team of experts takes control of your lawn and gets it, not just green, but healthy.


Burgess Turf truly is an all-in one company! Our experts provide your property with award-winning landscape services, including mowing, mulching, and pruning.

There is a huge advantage of using one company to provide you with both turf maintenance and care! Our crews work in tandem, so each member of our team knows the history of your lawn, including any diseases or trouble spots. This way, we’re only cutting your lawn at the appropriate time.

For example, we may apply fertilizer one day, but prefer not to cut your lawn for another three days, until it’s fully watered into the soil. Here, we’re doing the thinking and coordination for you!

Our crew also designs a landscape schedule around your priorities, so your mulching, edging, and weeding is completed in time for your outdoor activities.

SEEDING – It’s inevitable that your turf will need a little enhancement by seeding. At Burgess Turf, we implement several types of seeding that ensures the best results.

Here are three different ways we seed:

  1. Overseeding – spreads seed with generic rotary spreader
  2. Aerating and Overseeding – aerate the soil first removing plugs, then overseed with a rotary spreader
  3. Slice seeding – a special machine slices grooves in the lawn and drops seed in them immediately after promoting good soil to seed contact