Protecting Your Pad Since 1929 is a slogan we use to describe all the lines of service we offer in keeping your property safe, green, and pest free. For your lawn, we apply the same quality, technology, innovation, and care you’ve become accustom to as a pest management client. Burgess Turf is one company, and one solution, for all your needs.

  1. We can simplify your expense portfolio by reducing the number of vendors you use for home services. By providing both your pest and lawn services, you only need to call one vendor. We quickly solve problems and keep you informed about the process through written attention to detail, which you can access online through Customer Account Access (C.A.A.).
  2. Burgess Turf truly is an “all-in-one” company that solves problems across multiple lines of service, including general pest control and turf maintenance. As an established and credible company with nearly a century of experience, you can rest assured that we’re not going anywhere. Unlike smaller lawn companies that are “one man shows,” Burgess Turf has an entire support staff of customer service reps, service managers, and even a former golf course turf manager. We know what it takes to get your turf looking the way it should.